Friday, September 2, 2011

All Pumped Up

Hubs' alarm went off this morning, and I told him that it really wasn't necessary. I could have just woken him up with my coughing. I had already woken myself up with it.

It seems like as soon as the cough medicine wears off, almost to the minute, the coughing resumes. I usually don't get like this until at least winter time. Not sure why it is happening in the summer. We have had some weird weather lately though. Hot and humid one day, freezing cold and raining the next. Make up your mind, Mother Nature. Make up your mind.

I talked to the doctor, and he prescribed me some steroids, so I can hopefully start feeling better. I am already on my second round of antibiotics, and I am still practically coughing up a lung.

I mentioned to my girls that I would now be taking steroids, and NOT the same ones as the bodybuilders use to "bulk up".

I'm pretty sure this is not in my future.

One of my daughters jokingly asked, "Is that sort of like medical marijuana?" WHAT?!

It seems like we are constantly hearing about medical marijuana now. Umm....yeah. Not quite the same thing.

In other news, football season is now in full swing. I foolishly thought that football was for Sundays and Mondays, but apparently, the initial "kick off" is on a Thursday night. My bad.

Hubs is in a fantasy football league, and he is really glad that he didn't get Peyton Manning, since he is now injured. Poor Peyton. It's not looking so good for him this football season, and it just started!

I wish I cared more about football. I just don't. It is always on, so I guess you could technically say I "watch" it. I like hearing the stories about the football players and their families. The actual game? Not so much. I just don't understand it. I can't follow along. Believe me, I have tried. It is like a foreign language to me.

I'm sure that Hubs wishes I was more into football, like some of our friends wives are. Oh well. He knew I wasn't into sports before he married me. Ha! Just one of the many ways we are different.

However, we both hate onions in our food, so it all evens out in the end.

Who knows, maybe with all of these steroids coursing through my body, I will suddenly develop a love of all things sports related, and I will turn into this woman.

You never know...


  1. I hope you feel better soon.

    My son and hubby are football fanatics.
    I'm like you. I have really tried to understand it but most of it is still foreign to me. I listen and actually watch sometimes, but still don't understand it.

  2. LOL! I doubt it. Football is a mystery to me too. Luckily it´s not on over here, but we get soccer just as much.
    Hope your cough gets better!

  3. Thank you :) I am already starting to see some improvement. Today was a MUCH better day!

    Betty, I'm not sure I would understand soccer any more than I do football. LOL