Friday, September 16, 2011

Girls vs. Guys

You all know that I have three girls. Three very girly girls. Poor Hubs. Not a sports lover in the bunch.

Needless to say, that when you have all girls, you get drama. Lots and lots of drama.

The other night in the car, one of my daughter's was discussing why she thinks so-and-so doesn't like so-and-so, and why. She thought it was because of the way this friend "looked" at that friend, and even though that's not what they meant, they now didn't like each other. Oh brother.

Hubs chuckled a bit and mentioned that this was not something he had ever discussed with his two brothers. There was NO drama in his house. The only girl was his mother.

The poor woman was outnumbered with all of that male testosterone in the house.

I'm sure the toilet seat was always up. Sigh.

I decided to come up with a list of things, according to Hubs, on how Girls and Guys are different.

*Girls think too much. When they think about things too much, they tend to get their feelings hurt.

Guys take things at face value, and if they are upset with someone, they just hit each other, and 5 mins. later, they are back in the "game" playing with each other again. He mentioned that this was how it was back when he was a little boy. He wouldn't actually hit another guy now. Well....unless it was absolutely necessary. Like if they were in the middle of an MMA ring or something.

*Girls blow things out of proportion. If there is a negative side, girls are sure to find it.

Guys let things roll off their backs, and if they do get upset with each other, it is over quickly. And they definitely don't talk about it forever. What's done is done.

*Girls actually care what they look like. Sometimes they need to try on several different outfits before they can decide on what to wear.

Guys....not so much. So what if you're going out in public and your clothes are dirty and don't match? People won't notice anyway.

*Girls are a lot more social. Girls hang out and talk. In fact, most of them never seem to run out of things to say to each other!

Guys more or less need to be active in order to interact with each other. It is tough for guys to just start talking to each other if there is not some activity involved. And their topic of conversation when they do talk? Sports, the newest gadget, charcoal verses gas for a grill, you know....truly life changing things.

Girls will talk about their problems, their family, their family's problems, their friends, their friends problems, and any other drama going on at the time.

In order for a guy to share about his "problems", someone needs to be either in the hospital or dying. It just doesn't happen all that often.

*Girls avoid pain at all costs.

Guys actually enjoy inflicting pain on each other. Hubs mentioned that he can remember being hit so hard with a "rat's tail" (a wet, twisted towel) in the locker room, that he actually bled. WHAT?! Sorry, I can't remember a time when my girlfriends and I ever made each other bleed....on purpose anyway.

*The Girls in this family like sports for the "extras". We like hearing about the players and their families. We also like hearing the player's "song" that they choose to play when they are up to bat in baseball.

Guys like sports for the stats. They are all into those. And if a fight breaks out, or there is blood involved during the event? Even better.

*Girls will cry for no reason.

For a guy to cry, the world needs to be coming to an end. Even then, it may not be worth crying over.

*Girls do not try to "fix" things. They are good listeners. They understand that they may not have the answer to your problems, but will listen to you talk about it anyway.

Guys? They want to fix it! It's a challenge. Bring it on! They WILL come up with an answer!

*Girls can do multiple things at one time. They can watch TV, check their email, fix dinner, and talk on the phone, all at the same time.

Guys can only do one thing at a time. They cannot listen to you, while they are watching TV. It just can't be done. Especially if sports are on. Remember that ladies.

I found this video from Toby Keith that always makes me chuckle. I love how the girl's mouth never stops moving, and the guy's eyes are constantly rolling as he is shaking his head....


  1. Hi Amiee.We have half and half in our house and I totally agree with your hubs list!!Have a good weekend!

  2. Hi Amiee! Thank you for leaving a comment about the jeans, and you are right! That promo for the 50 pairs is not there! Mmmm (slightly annoying)...I have an email in to advertiser, and have edited the info to be more accurate until I hear back. Thank you for the heads up!

    I have two boys and one hubby and I'm outnumbered. Yes, the toilet seat it ALWAYS up!

  3. This is so true... We have two daughters and "boys" have just been introduced to the household in the form of a boyfriend and fiancee... It is funny watching them communicate and discover the differences in communication... I may read your list to them!