Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Better Late Than Never Hodgepodge

It is almost not Wednesday anymore, but Blogger has decided to get on my last nerve today and cause me all sorts of problems. So, better late than never!

1. Do you think the world became a more dangerous place on September 11, 2001 or did we just become more aware of the danger? How has your own life changed as a result of that day?

I don't think our world became a more dangerous place, I think that we just became more aware of the danger. It was on OUR soil this time. I know that it made me more aware, and I now feel a little less "safe" in my own country. Also, now when my in-laws come to visit us, we can no longer go all the way with them in the airport. We used to be able to, and now, we can't.

2. Did you think your parents were too strict when you were growing up? How about in hindsight?

I do think they were a tad too strict (sorry, Mom) but I do understand a little more now that I am a parent. I was the oldest, and the oldest is always the "guinea pig". I see that with my own daughters. You just don't know what you are doing with your oldest! Ha! By daughter #3, I was much more laid back, and realized that I didn't need to stress over every little thing.

I remember that when my oldest daughter's pacifier dropped on the floor, I would freak out, and practically boil it before I gave it back to her. By daughter #3? I just wiped it off.

3. Share one random but candid fact about yourself.

When I see the word "candid", it makes me think that you want me to reveal some deep, dark secret. Sorry to disappoint you, but that is not going to happen! I will tell you that I am NOT a morning person. This summer, I got in the very bad habit of staying up way too late, and getting up way too late. This has made it very hard to get back on a regular "school" routine! I am working on it though.

4. Would your nearest and dearest describe you as simple or far too complicated?

I am complicated in certain areas. For example? It is not easy to feed me. Five years ago, I found out that I have Celiac disease. You would be totally amazed at ALL the food that contains gluten. My family and friends have been so super sweet, and make sure that if I am over, they make food that I can eat. But, it is no longer just fix whatever. It all has to be carefully planned out. And, I hate it. I don't like to inconvenience anyone.

When I am at a restaurant, and I have to ask a lot of questions, it makes me feel like I am "high maintenance". I don't ask because I want to be a pain, I ask because, if I eat food that contains gluten, I will get VERY sick.

5. What is your favorite stadium or carnival food?

See above. Not a whole lot of food I can actually eat at these places! Maybe, a snow cone?

6. Tornado, hurricane, earthquake...how many of these natural disasters have you experienced? Which event do you think would be the scariest?

I have only experienced tornadoes. I have been through several, but I have never actually seen one in person. They weren't severe ones, and did not cause any damage to any of our property.

I couldn't decide which one would be the scariest, so I asked my girls! They all agreed that they think an earthquake, because there can be many different things that happen during one. Not only does the Earth shake, but there can be fires, or tsunamis.

7. Labor Day weekend is approaching so a work related question seems appropriate. Growing up, did your parents assign you regular chores? Were you paid for doing those chores? If you're a parent do you assign chores to your own children? Why or why not?

Growing up, I was required to help out around the house. Things like setting/clearing the table, cleaning the bathrooms, vacuuming, dusting, nothing really too strenuous. At certain times we did get paid, and other times, we didn't.

My girls do have "chores" that they are required to do. I think I'm pretty easy on them though, compared to what I know some of their friends do. That's why, if I ask them to do something, and they give me attitude about it? I may or may not get a teeny bit angry.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

My middle daughter just got some AMAZING news! They called to tell her that she got the lead female role in the youth play for the community theatre. To say she was excited, would be an understatement! She has never played a main part before.

Here are some pictures of my two oldest girls in several different plays they have been in.

Tinkerbell in "Peter Pan"

Lost child in "Peter Pan"

Kitty in "Miracle in Muddville"

School girl in "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow"

Narrator in "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow"

I have more pics to share, however, Blogger has decided that this is all the pictures I am allowed to put on. I guess I should be thankful that they allowed me to even post at all, huh?! Anyone else having problems posting?


  1. Blogger gave me fits yesterday too. And it continues this morning. Grrr...
    Congrats to your daughter...my girls were in theatre growing up-so much fun!

    Enjoy the long weekend!

  2. I hate when blogger gives me fits.
    Glad you were able to post.

    I was the baby of the family and even tho my mom tried to set certain rules, my dad let me get by.

    One thing I like about Summer is sleeping in and not having much of a routine.

    Congratulations to your daughter!