Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Night Fun

Have you ever wondered what we do for fun on a Friday night? No? Well, let me enlighten you. Are you sitting down? This is going to be GOOD!

On this particular Friday night, first, we made "Biscuit Pizzas". I can't eat them, but the rest of the family can. I didn't take a picture, but let's just pretend I did. OK? They are super simple, and the kids loved them. did Hubs.

All you do is take a container of biscuits, and separate them on a pan. Press them down, and kind of "crimp" the edges so the sauce doesn't drip over the side. Put on pizza sauce, cheese, and your choice of toppings. Bake at 400 about 10 mins., or until golden brown, but not burnt. Voila! The perfect Friday night dinner.

Then, Hubs took a nap on the recliner. I read some blogs and caught up on Facebook. The girls watched "Up", which I can't watch. It's just too sad for me. They showed a clip at church once, and it had me bawling. I still haven't been able to bring myself to watch the whole thing.

I did some laundry, and attempted to match socks. I don't know how it is in your house, but in our house, it is where socks go to die. We literally have a large pile of socks that do not have any matches. They once did. I'm even pretty sure that they got washed together.

For some reason, the mates decided they no longer wanted to live here, and picked up feet, and walked away. Yeah....that has to be it. Because they no longer reside anywhere in THIS house!

Maybe they decided to walk on over to the neighbor's house. Their grass is greener than ours. Literally.

I cranked up my Keith Urban CD

and played it through three different times. That is how long it took me to match socks. Oh, the torture. Keith certainly made my job more pleasant. I asked Hubs when he was going to take me to see him in concert. *Hint Hint*

Our evening just got better when the girls and I looked up on cartoons that they used to watch. We all decided that we need to purchase one of these for the family room. What a fun way to exercise!

We also found cartoons that they forgot existed, and now that they remembered, they are looking forward to watching. One of their favorites (and mine!) was Stanley. We love learning about animals, and Stanley was such a great show! Why, oh why, did they have to take it off? I mean, he had the "great big book of everything"! What could be better?

My youngest's favorite cartoon was "Jo Jo's Circus". I think she sort of looks like her :) She also loves art, just like Jo Jo.

We love youtube, however, one must be VERY careful looking up things when children are present. You never know when a video clip will appear that is NOT what you had in mind when you searched for the original title. Or, some bozo decided to make their "own" version which includes lots of choice words, complete with suggestive images.

All this looking up of kids cartoons led Hubs and I to be nostalgic for all of the old cartoons we used to watch, that our girls have never heard of. Gems like "Mighty Mouse", "Rocky and Bullwinkle", "The Fat Albert Show", and "Mr. Magoo". That was one Hubs liked to watch. Since he is MUCH older than I am (OK, just three years, but still) I have never seen it. It looks so funny!

We also found this clip from "Bear In The Big Blue House" which had us laughing so hard, we almost needed to use the potty! Enjoy....

The evening's festivities will conclude with me doing Hubs' paper work (while he watches a bloody match of "Cage Fighting"), checking eBay items (still trying to win Math for the youngest) and having a "healthy" snack of butter pecan ice cream with some hot fudge sauce and a bit of caramel. IS in the dairy food group, so it totally counts. Plus, the nuts provide protein.

So, there you have it folks. That's how we spent our Friday night. Try not to be too jealous, OK? I realize that yours may not have been as much fun as ours.

There's always next Friday...


  1. LOL! Sounds like our Friday´s minus the kids and Youtube. We just watch TV and go to bed....
    That makes your evening sound exciting to me. hahaha

  2. Yum, I love butter pecan. Sounds like a fun family night!