Friday, August 12, 2011

At The Fair

Let me start out by saying that I am just blown away by the fact that I now have 27 sweet people following me! You all made my day :)

In my previous post, I mentioned that my girls were entering projects in the fair for the very first time. Here are the finished projects.

First, they did the tie dye t-shirts. One thing I learned is that you really cannot mess up tie dye. Even if you accidentally use too much black, it will still turn out beautiful. Kind of like how God can take the ugly, sinful parts in our lives, and turn them into something good.

Here is what they entered for tin punch.

My middle daughter decided to do sand art. We found this beautiful, heart-shaped bottle at my favorite store (Goodwill) for .99 cents. I thought she did a spectacular job for her first time, but the judge, who was an older lady who spent about 30 seconds with her, gave her a B. Imagine our surprise, when we went to the fair, and saw that they had changed it to an A! I guess someone realized that she really deserved an A......well, other than her Mother.

My oldest daughter entered several things in the photography/digital imaging division. She received A's on all of her entries, and won "Honorable Mention" for her amazing picture of my middle daughter. I think it looks just like a Senior picture, and so did the judge.

After looking at the fair projects, we went and saw "Amiee," the sheep. Here she is with her....ummm....partner. His name is "Doug". Just so you know, Hubs' name is NOT Doug. The male sheep is named after another friend of ours. Awkward.

Some friends of ours were showing ducks, and I actually got to pet one! Remember when I said that I always want to reach out and pet one when we go and feed the ducks at the park? My dream came true, and they are just as soft as I imagined them to be. Apparently, you have to hold them like this so they don't claw you to death. I did not know that ducks had claws, as I have never seen one this close up before.

Whenever I go to the fair, I realize again, how much I am NOT a country girl. I have a hard time picturing the sweet animals as someones dinner. I'm sure I would have cried if I had been in the 4-H program as a child, and had to sell my animals at the end of fair.

Also, mucking out the stalls and washing animals covered in manure? Not really my thing.

We went to the Demolition Derby with our friends, as we do every year. This year, however, they had very little demolition going on. Also, they raised the price of admission by $2. So, they advertised a "Demolition Derby" but what we got was a race (sort of) for most of it, and one round of demolition at the very end. Nothing says fun like being splattered with mud, and sitting on a hard, low, back-less bench for several hours.

See? Mud. It hurts when you get splattered with it. I got hit right in the face, but there isn't a picture, because I was not sitting next to the photographer. Bummer.

It is neat to see the cars crash into each other though, and this year, they actually had lawn tractors involved in their own category. A 70 year old man took home the trophy. I was very afraid that someone was going to get their leg plowed into, as there wasn't any protection on the sides.

The kids love going, and this year, we brought my nephew along for the fun.

And..... a great time was had by all.


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    Great projects by the girls! Love the sand art. It looks great to me!

    I love how different your description of the demolition derby was from my guys' - of course they've never been to one before so it was all great and fabulous to them. lol

  2. Thanks for your help, Samantha! I hope it's as easy as it sounds :)

    We were disappointed in the Derby because in past years, the whole thing was demolition. Much more exciting than watching cars semi-race around a track. LOL

  3. It is easy to link to another post. If I can do it, I know you can.

  4. 29 followers now. Good for you! Your daughters projects really do deserve the A. I love the colored sand art.
    The day at the Derby looked a like a lot of fun too.

  5. Look, Tracy and Samantha! I did it :)

    Thanks, Betty!