Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tie Dye The Night Away

As I have mentioned before, we live in a small town. Our small town has an annual 4H Fair. The kids are encouraged to enter in many different areas such as showing animals, and arts and crafts. There are other areas, I just don't remember what they are, and I am too lazy to look them up.

For the very first time, my girls have decided to enter the fair. No, they will not be showing animals. Even though we do have a small zoo inside of our house, as Hubs likes to remind me from time to time. What can I say. We love animals.

They have decided to enter the arts and crafts division. Should they win, Hubs will be able to quit his day job, as the older girls will each win three whole dollars per entry. Second place is $2, and third place is $1. Any lower than that, well, too bad, so sad for you. I think you get a ribbon just for entering, but not the big bucks.

Many of our friends enter the animal division, and one of the girls is entering a sheep she named, "Amiee". Yes, I have a sheep named after me! What an honor.

I am trying not to think about "Amiee" being led off to the slaughter at the end of the fair. Hmm....wonder if the neighborhood would mind if I bought a sheep, and kept it in the backyard. Not exactly zoned for farm animals...

Anyway, the girls had to decide ahead of time from a very long list of items, what they would like to do for the fair. The girls were rather ambitious, and each picked about twenty different items. Now that the fair is getting closer, I'm thinking that since they have hardly been home this summer, and when they have, they haven't been working on fair projects, that number is dwindling.

We got together with some of our friends to try and get a few of the projects accomplished as a group. One of the projects was to tie dye something. Since you have to actually present it at fair, it needs to be something decent, like a t-shirt. Feel free to tie dye your underpants, but you can't bring those to the fair, O.K.?

First, you have to make sure to put on gloves to protect your hands. Of course, the gloves are more fun to blow up like a balloon than to wear. Even the cat thinks so. You have to throw a little attitude in there. And grab your best friend.Then, you have to concentrate on getting the colors just right.

It was a rather messy project, so we made sure to do it outside. Thankfully, we were blessed with nice weather, and tie dyed to the sounds of "Amiee" bellowing for her dinner in the background. What can I say....I was hungry.


  1. How did the project turn out? Looks like a great day to do anything outside.

  2. Two of the girls' shirts turned out a little darker than they wanted, but still cute. I will be sure to post pics. Maybe, I will even post a pic of "Amiee", if I can get one ;)