Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Birds Of A Feather Hodgepodge

For those of you who have been following along with my homeschooling series, I'm going to take a break for some Wednesday Hodgepodge. Never fear, the homeschooling series will be continued.

1. Using what's in your fridge right now, what sort of meal would you be able to make for guests who are knocking at the front door this very minute?

I just recently went grocery shopping, so there are many possibilities! Since I am currently making dinner, I would just add a bit extra to the leftovers we are having. Last night, I made creamy chicken and rice, which my oldest daughter BEGGED me to make. It is rather tasty if I do say so myself. Just something I threw together one time on a whim, but it has become a family favorite.

2. What is something about yourself that you hope will change but that probably never will?

I hope that some day, I will not care so much about what other people think.

3. What's something about yourself that you hope will never change?

I hope I never lose the ability to sing. I enjoy singing, and I feel like it is one of the talents that God has given me. That doesn't mean that I want to try out for "America's Got Talent" though.

4. Do you usually send serious or funny greeting cards? Why?

I usually send serious cards. I'm not sure why, since I tend to live my life with a bit of humor.

5. Bird watching, shell gathering, or star gazing- your choice for whiling away the hours?

Definitely bird watching. They are so entertaining! I especially love watching my cockatiel, Howie. Here is a picture of him. Isn't he just the cutest little thing? I ♥ him!

6. Do you double or triple check things? If so, what?

Oh my, yes! Before I hit "post" I will more than triple check each word, to make sure that it is spelled correctly, sounds right in the sentence, and is the best way that I could have said something. I still make mistakes though. Grrr.

7. What's your favorite place for people watching?

Anywhere there are a lot of people. When we went to "Sea World" and I was patiently waiting for the rest of the family to get off one of the rides, I enjoyed watching all of the different families that were there. Sometimes, I make up stories about the people that I see. I have a pretty active imagination :)

8. Insert your own random thought here.

It's almost back to school time! I am doing a series of blog posts about homeschooling, and what we, as homeschoolers, wish you knew about us. Care to read it? Go here, for the first post in the series.


  1. That is a good answer for number two! I wish I didn't care what other people thought about me so much either.
    Your bird is really cute. Love the yellow and gray.

  2. Just looking at his cute little yellow head and bright orange cheeks makes me happy :)

  3. So annoying to check and recheck a blog post, hit publish, then see a typo. Makes me crazy!

    I people watch at amusement parks too. I am usually the one holding the bags/coats/strollers/small children when the rest of the group hits the roller coasters : )

  4. Creamy chicken and rice sounds delicious.
    Forgot about re-checking my spelling. I hate to see words misspelled either by myself or someone else.

  5. Howie is, indeed, a handsome fellow! I would wish I'd wake up some morning and be able to sing. I love music and sing all the time when no one can hear me, but it's definitely NOT a gift. I am really, really bad.

  6. I like bird watching too. They are just so cute.
    People watching is interesting for me too. Almost like bird watching.LOL! :)

  7. Your cockatiel is definitely cute.
    I owned a cockatiel, many years ago.
    He was cute but he liked to bite.
    So now I am more a cat person.

  8. We also have a dog, cat, rabbit, and fish. Ha! Howie likes to bite too. He lets us "pet" him on HIS terms. It's a good thing he's so cute :)

  9. Howie is precious!!!

    It's hard not to care what people think of you ~ and I think to a point it's good to care. I mean - that's what keeps us from chewing with our mouths open or walking around outside neked - but in my *ahem* younger days it was almost crippling - always afraid to take the next step in life for fear of what people would think. I've gotten better but it still rears it's head sometimes.

    PS ~ I'm coming to your house for dinner!

  10. Howie is adorable. I had a Lovebird for 13 years. I didn't even think of blogging but I always triple check my blog post!

  11. What a great answer to #2! I wish I had thought of that!

  12. Cute bird. I love to sing too!
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  13. I could have easily written what you wrote to #2 ... I guess that's a result from our mutual low self-esteem?

    Creamy chicken and rice? Sounds DELICIOUS!

    My daughter homeschools ... I have a LOT of respect for you moms who teach your kiddos. <3 <3

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  14. Ohhhhh...#2 was good! I doubt that many of us would be human if we didn't care what people thought, though. I guess it's when what other people think gets in the way with how we conduct ourselves that things become a problem. Enjoyed all of your answers!

  15. Aimee
    thank you for stopping by :) I love the bird I had one just like him I called him alex he was quiet the ham.

    I am following you now!!

    and yes every one of them are on a thumb drive

  16. And I thought I was odd for making up stories, of people's life's, when I people watch;)