Monday, July 25, 2011

The Leftovers

In our house, no one likes the ends of the bread. There they sit, alone, uneaten, at the bottom of the bread bag.

I buy a new loaf, and the old loaf is forgotten. The tastier, fresher bread always wins.

What do you do with your leftover bread? Do you make breadcrumbs? Croutons? Bread pudding? Maybe french toast or a nice breakfast casserole?

Here's what we do with ours.

For just the cost of a few pieces of old bread, we have an afternoon or evening of fun.

I have always loved feeding the birds. Now, I have children who do too.

We have a local park, where we can go to feed the birds. Sometimes when you go, they are too full, and you throw your bread in vain. Then, there are other times, when it seems like they haven't eaten in a while, and eagerly run up to you, almost close enough to touch.

Some are friendly, and almost seem like pets. I always want to just try to reach out and pet one. They look so soft!

The girls called this one "The Dinosaur" because of that odd shaped bump on the top of his head.

Look at the blue in his wings. Just beautiful!

Others, will hiss at you if you get too close. They still want the bread though. Take a look at his tongue!

Some of the birds are bullies, and will peck and chase any other smaller birds who try to eat "their" bread. Some, will wait their turn, and even let other birds eat before they do. They look out for each other. Hmmm....kind of like people.

It can be kind of scary to feed the birds who hiss at you, but still come up close because they are hungry.

After the bigger birds are gone, the tiny birds will come and clean up the leftovers.

I'm sure it would be more frugal to just make something we could eat with the leftover bread. certainly wouldn't be as much fun.

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