Friday, July 8, 2011

Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Today, I went shopping with my oldest daughter. We live in a small town, so unless we drive almost an hour to the mall, there are very few stores to shop at.

We were looking for dress clothes, so we went to one popular store in our town that sells dressier things.

While I like this store, I do have a few complaints. Why are all the shirts wide and short? Apparently, they assume everyone is wide...and short.

Now, I am definitely wider than I used to be pre-children. However, I am not any shorter.

Funny how that works huh?

I went in to the dressing room to try a few things on. Always a treat.

I think those mirrors add about ten pounds to you.

Now, if I was going to sell clothes, I would make sure the mirrors made people appear thinner. You could certainly sell more clothes that way.

Also, the lights are not very flattering. How about just a dim light? We all tend to look better that way.

I modeled a few things for my daughter. When I want to know the honest truth about how I look in something, I ask her. She will not hesitate to tell me exactly how it looks on me. She is better than any mirror.

Unlike Hubs, who will often say it looks "fine", just so we can leave the store. Shopping is not on his list of favorite things to do.

While there, we saw two very tired men, sitting on chairs, patiently waiting for their wives to finish trying on clothes. I think they may have even been holding purses.

Anyway, she wanted me to try on this one very flowery, fuchsia, silky shirt. She swore it would look great on me. I had my doubts.

She then proceeded to laugh at me, because it made me look like a whale. A very flowery whale. I don't see how that shirt would have looked good on anyone.

Why is it that things always look great on the hanger?

I tried on a very beautiful shirt with ruffles. It made me look like a flapper. With wide arm holes. What is with that? How big of an arm hole do they think we need anyway?

One very attractive swing coat, had enough material to be a tablecloth. Back on the rack you go.

I then tried on a shirt that she dubbed "The Animal Kingdom". She joked that it had all the patterns of the jungle on it. She told me that I absolutely should not even try it on.

It looked great on me. Even she thought so.

Too bad it wasn't the price I thought it was.

We had a great time, trying on clothes, and making fun of the way we looked in things. At times we were laughing so hard, I almost fell over.

Then, a thought occurred to me. The day had come. The day when I look forward to shopping with my girls.

It was not always this way. I remember times when I would just wait for Hubs to come home, so I could go shopping by myself, in peace.

This daughter in particular, was quite the handful to take shopping. She would hide between the clothes racks, making my heart race trying to find her.

She would roll around on the floor.

She would try to stand up on the seat in the grocery cart, every time my back was turned.

One time, she was having a tantrum so bad at the "W" store, that a manager came up to me and harshly asked me what was wrong with her.

Taking her to restaurants was equally fun. Several times we spent more time in the bathroom than at the table. I refused to leave until she could behave herself. I told her that people were there to enjoy a nice, quiet meal, and did not want to hear her screaming.

If you are one of those mothers, who are deep in the throws of toddler hood, and you think you will never enjoy shopping with your kids, let me reassure you. The day WILL come.

You will want your daughter to go shopping with you.

After all, she is a fun person to be around.

Not to mention, she has great taste in clothes.

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