Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I Scream, You Scream Hodgepodge

1. July is National Ice Cream month...your favorite flavor? Soft served, hand dipped, or frozen yogurt...which do you prefer? And technically yogurt is not ice cream but its hot outside so I'll let that slide for today.

~Wow...this is a tough one! I love ice cream! I like soft served as long as it has toppings on it, like a sundae. I prefer hand dipped. No cone, as I cannot have anything with gluten :( I like any kind of ice cream with chocolate and nuts, or peanut butter. I like butter pecan, but I cheat and put hot fudge sauce on it.

2. When you travel do you tend to pack too much or too little?

~We travel as a family quite a bit,and I ALWAYS pack too much! In my opinion, it is better to be prepared, and bring too much, than need something and not have it. Need a band-aid? I'm your girl. What size do you want? Headache? I am a walking pharmacy. Spilled something on your shirt and need to change? No worries. You have several others to choose from.

3. What's your favorite cleaning product?

~I don't really have a favorite cleaning product, but I do have things I buy on a regular basis. One of those is, I only buy Tide laundry detergent. I like the way it cleans, and it is one of the few we can use due to allergies.

4. Which is the greater tragedy-an innocent person imprisoned or a guilty person set free? Explain.

~Definitely an innocent person imprisoned. I would rather a guilty person go free, than an innocent person imprisoned. Life is so precious, and to spend your life locked away, when you have done nothing wrong, is such a tragedy. Even if a guilty person is set free, in the end, they will get their due justice. God tells us ...“vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.” Romans 12:19

5. What's the longest trip you've taken by car?

~We have spent the last two winters in Florida, and we have driven there. One of the benefits of homeschooling is being able to just take off and go wherever, and whenever you want to :) We also drive to Maine to see my husband's family. I do not like long drives in the car, but since we need a vehicle while we are there, flying is not an option. The girls tend to get car-sick, so we pass out the Bonine (works like Dramamine, but it doesn't knock you out and make you feel all drugged) and always make sure to bring the "just in case" bowl. Oh, and paper towels. And wet wipes. I am no rookie.

6. tennis-golf-canoeing-biking...pick one.

~Biking. One of my favorite memories is when Hubs and I rented a tandem bike, and biked around Mackinac Island.

7. What sound drives you crazy?

~I really can't just pick one! Ha! A few of them are, people "chomping" their gum, nails on a chalkboard, when people talk/laugh WAY too loud, and anything that is super repetitive. I am easily annoyed. Just ask my family ;) I will only let my kids chew gum as long as I can't hear it being chewed!

8. Insert your own random thought here.

~My oldest daughter is away this week on a mission's trip, and the younger two are away at camp (more unanswered letters). That means....Hubs and I are ALONE!!!! I love my kids dearly, but it has been rather nice. I think that we all need a break from each other once in a while. Since we are a homeschooling family, we are together most of the time.

That can get pretty wearing. Being a part from each other, will hopefully make the girls appreciate each other, and us, a little more. And Hubs and I get the house all to ourselves ;) I do miss my girlies a lot though!


  1. I totally agree that it's better to be prepared rather than need something and not have it.

    And I used to get SO car sick. Dramamine and sleep. My dad would pray that I would sleep and I think they drugged me so that I would. ;-)

  2. I'm no rookie when it comes to motion sickness either : )

    Enjoy your together time..I'm in an empty nest so we have a lot of it. A new normal but you figure it out as you go along. My hubs says we're not technically empty til we've made the last tuition payment. This year-yay!

  3. Biking around Mackinac Island sounds wonderful. I've always wanted to go there.

  4. I love Maine. We spent some time there on our honeymoon and have always wanted to go back.
    Loved the video :)

  5. I hope you are enjoying your time alone! I´m sure it´s really rare, but will be glad when the girls come home again.

  6. Love your video! Hope you and your hubby are enjoying your time. We always look forward to when both girls are gone for a short time. It gives us all a break and we know they are having fun, so we can too.

  7. I used to always buy Tide and my family made fun of me - said it wasn't worth the higher cost. I'm so glad to see someone who feels the same. I'm going to have to remember your reasons so I can use them the next time they give me grief!

  8. I hate it when people chomp their food! Drives me crazy