Friday, February 24, 2012

That's OK

It is Friday. Do you remember what I told you was supposed to happen today? you?

Mr. Repair Guy (MRG) was supposed to call today, and come by to fix my refrigerator. What time do you think he showed up? Take a guess...

He didn't.

Yes, folks, that is right. He DID NOT show up. I stayed home ALL day for nothing. I desperately needed to go to the grocery store too, to buy.....well.... groceries.

Quick question for all of you: Do you say "grosseries" or "grosheries"? I say it like this: grosheries. I am probably wrong. However, I don't care. It just sounds weird if you pronounce it "grosseries".

Anyway, I did not receive a single call from MRG. And, as luck would have it (not that I believe in luck, it's just a saying y'all) my freezer is now flashing "de" again, which I now know means that something is not right with the defrost heater.

If I have to throw away any more food, MRG, I am going to be one mad woman!

I probably won't actually yell at him like I want to, and ask him WHY he couldn't just call and say that he wasn't coming today. From our last conversation, he made it sound like the part would be in on Friday, and he would be over to install it on....Friday.

Since my Mama taught me to be polite, I will probably just smile sweetly at him and say,"Oh, that's OK", when's not. Do any of you do that too? Tell people it's OK, when it's really not? Or, am I the only one? I don't like confrontation. I avoid it like the plague.

In other news, I am going on day 3 of a horrendous headache. Now, headaches are nothing new to me. I have had them all my life. However, I have not had one this bad in a long time. It is a tad bit better today, but yesterday, it felt like my head was going to literally explode.

Whenever I have a headache that is that bad, I am always afraid that I am going to have an aneurysm. My dear friend's mother died from one when she was around my age, and it just freaks me out. I have taken so many Excedrin and ibuprofen that it is just ridiculous. And still it lingers on. Sigh...

It could be from the humidity that we are experiencing now here in Florida. Even though I haven't left the air conditioned house, I guess my head can still feel the difference in temperature.

So, I stayed home instead of going to Hubs' softball game with him and the girls tonight. I told him to hit me a homer. For all of you non-sports folks out there, that means I want him to hit a home run for me. He can, and he has many times before, so I know he can do it :)

I also made him out a list so he could go grocery shopping for me. I just gave him a short, abbreviated list, because it would take him a sweet forever to get EVERYTHING that we need.

Since I am the one that normally does the shopping, he is just not that familiar with where things are located in the store. He also likes to get brands that I do not buy. I am kind of a brand snob when it comes to food. I will wear non-name brand clothing, but DO NOT buy me generic yogurt or peanut butter.

Also many of the generic food contains some form of gluten. Case in point, generic chicken or beef broth. It contains wheat! Wheat is of the devil....well, it is if you have Celiac disease anyway. Wheat + Celiac disease = Misery.

So, I am laying down on the couch at home, praying for some relief from this horrid headache that doesn't seem to have an end. Since we have a busy weekend planned, it is not a good time for me to not feel well.

For us, this will be a weekend of goodbyes. We are headed home next weekend. Though it is sad to have to say goodbye to family and friends, we are all ready to be home. Two months is a LONG time to be away.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. I completely get the grocery shopping thing. I can visualize in my head where I'm going to find something in the store but it will take my husband at least three times longer than it should to find and even then he'll have had to stop and ask someone where it is. Sometimes I write where the item is in the store for him next to the items on the list. lol And for the word I pronounce it both ways, depends on my mood apparently.

    Hope you get some relief from your headache, they really stink.

  2. So sorry he didn't show up. I hate when that happens. I say crosheries. Yes I do that too and my husband gets mad at me because I usually take the anger out on him when it should be directed at the repair guy!

  3. I just can't stand feeling like I am waiting around for nothing... Life is too busy for that!
    I say "grosheries" with an "h" sound, the other just doesn't sound right.
    I hope you headache gets better. I find Aleve work pretty good for me and since you take it less often it doesn't upset my stomach as much.