Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ice Ice Baby

I know that you all have just been dying to know what is wrong with my refrigerator. Well....not MY refrigerator. As far I know, MY refrigerator is still fine and dandy, just like the day I left it almost two months ago. I mean the fridge in this rental house. But, since it does contain my food, I consider it to be MY refrigerator. I just don't have to pay the repair bill.

After Mr. Repair Guy showed up, we found out that the defrost heater is broken. I didn't know such a thing even existed. He mentioned that I was probably too young to remember when we had to defrost them ourselves. Oh, you flatter me MRG (Mr. Repair Guy). He thinks I am younger than I actually am.

For your information, MRG, I in fact DO remember when we had to defrost them ourselves. I have scraped a freezer or two in my day. Good times.

He told me that I would have to "manually" defrost the freezer, and by that, I just had to move the freezer button all the way down, which would put it into defrost mode. Certainly beats the old days, where one had to take a chisel to scrape off all the ice!

Apparently, there was an ice blockage since the freezer had not been doing its job, and defrosting itself. Who knew? It's not like there was a gigantic build up of ice covering every surface of the freezer or anything. The fridge just stopped working. Period.

MRG told me to go and buy big bags of ice, and transfer the food from the freezer to the cooler filled with ice.

I was to keep the freezer in "defrost mode" for 3-4 hours, and then flip it back on. This is just a temporary fix, until the new defrost heater comes in.

So, off I trekked with my oldest daughter to the local gas station to purchase two bags of ice. This is the same gas station where I went with the same daughter a few weeks ago to purchase some pop for a party we were going to.

At that time, the adult male Indian cashier asked me if "she" (pointing to my oldest daughter) was my daughter. I said "yes". He then proceeded to inform her and I, that she was so beautiful and that she looked just like an angel! He told us that in his country, she would be a movie star.

While very flattering, this totally creeped my oldest daughter out.

Hello...she IS only 15 years old.

It sort of scared me, because I have watched too many movies about what can happen to beautiful girls. Ever seen the movie, "Taken"? I have! THAT is precisely why I don't watch those kinds of movies.

I may never allow her to leave the house again.

Anyway, since we had to go back to this gas station, my daughter informed me that she was leaving her sunglasses on, and I should do the same. That way, they may not recognize us. Since I am not a movie star, and therefore can't see very well indoors with my sunglasses on, I took mine off. Lucky for us, Mr. I-like-to-compliment-underage-girls-and-creep-them-out, was not working that day.

So, we trudged home with our bags of ice, and proceeded to empty the freezer of all of its food. I tried to keep the ice cream and popsicles cold, but since I only had one cooler, I could not. Alas, I had to throw away the girls' cookies and cream ice cream. My daughters wanted to keep it, but since I could squish the carton, and the contents inside almost resembled a milk shake, I thought it would be best to just throw it out.

I also had to throw away an entire package of hamburger. It may have been all right to eat, but my motto is, if in doubt, THROW IT OUT! I would rather accidentally throw away something that might be good, than suffer the consequences of eating something that has gone bad. Have you ever had food poisoning? No? Well....I have. Not pretty, folks. Not pretty.

The fridge is now working, temporarily at least, until tomorrow when MRG comes back with the new part. I'm sure it will be sometime between 8 and 5. This means that I will get up at the crack of dawn, and wonder all day just exactly when he will be arriving. I will spend all day worrying and waiting, afraid to even go to the bathroom, for fear he will arrive at that exact moment.

Only for him to arrive at 4:45 p.m.


  1. MRGs must have a school that they go to that tells them that later is better. I have waited all day, and just as I was picking up the phone to complain, the doorbell rings. Hopefully your problem will be history after tomorrow.

  2. I never like when issues like this happen. Glad it is going to be fixed soon. I do remember defrosting a refrigerator back in the day!

  3. I don't get how that indian guy was being creepy. He just paid your daughter a compliment, if a women had paid your daughter a complitment, would have thought she was creepy?