Saturday, February 4, 2012

Friday Night Lights

The church we are going to here has a softball team. Since Hubs is on two different softball teams back home (church and city league), he thought it would be fun to join the church team while we are here.

So, last night, being the supportive family that we are, we all went to the first game. Since it was a balmy 73 degrees, we went in short sleeve shirts and jeans. My one daughter was going to wear shorts, but I convinced her that she may possibly want to wear jeans, just in case.

We did not bring any sweaters because, after all, it WAS 73 degrees. WRONG!

We froze our butts off! The wind picked up, and even though it was technically "warm", it was very chilly. My middle daughter, who is a very petite person, was huddled up against me, her lips turning blue!

Next time, even if it is 90 degrees, we are STILL going to at least bring a sweater. Of course, since we will be prepared, it will probably be hotter than blazes. Ha!

The team ended up winning, which was apparently a rare occurrence. I like to think it was because Hubs was playing this year ;)

He only got to play half the game because there were so many players on the team that they had to take turns.

But still....

We came home and had popcorn and movie night with the girls. We take turns letting them pick the movie.

Last week, my youngest daughter chose "Mars Needs Moms". Have you ever seen that movie? While we were watching it, I kept thinking to myself, "Self, doesn't this movie seem a tad bit scary for the younger crowd?"

My fears were confirmed when my youngest daughter started bawling when the mother in the movie was about to die. Yes....I did say she was about to DIE.

If you haven't seen the movie, this is a spoiler alert. Look away if you plan on watching it in the future!

Towards the end of the movie, the mother gives her space helmet, that allows her to breathe, to her son. He had lost his, and is gasping for breath.

She unselfishly gives her helmet to him, and locks it so he can't take it off. She is slowly dying of suffocation.

This was all too much for my daughter. She had tears streaming down her face.

While this was a good movie for learning to appreciate your mother (and really, what mother doesn't want to feel appreciated?) it seemed a bit heavy for a small child to deal with.

This Friday, it was my oldest daughter's turn to pick the movie. Since she loves mysteries, I suggested the TV show "Monk". (We have Netflix).

It was my girls' first time ever watching that show, and they loved it! It was very funny to watch Monk in action, as he is extremely OCD about everything. If you have never watched it, I highly recommend it. It's kind of like a more modern day "Perry Mason". I used to love watching that show.

I think we have found a show that the whole family enjoys watching, and is entertaining enough that even the adults like it.

It did fail to keep Hubs awake, but that is nothing new. Unless there is lots of action, and I do mean *ACTION*, movie night is key word for "nap time" for Hubs.

But, I enjoyed it!

And, at least in last night's episode, no mothers were killed off....


  1. I wasn't cold at all, playing! ;-)

  2. Amiee, my husband falls asleep while watching movies too. Then he will wake up and ask me what is happening during the movie. ARGH!

  3. The teens who live her (the girlies) and those who just seem to always be here like watching the newest animated flick. (Almost zero chance of the uncomfortable sexual innuendos or worse... "love" scenes) We are usually excited when a new one comes out so when "Mars Needs Moms" came out I rushed right out to the redbox... We ended up not even watching the whole movie... The teens were fed up with it by the third or fourth scene. We decided clearly someone at Disney had an aneurysm when they let that movie be made.