Monday, January 9, 2012

Arriving At Destination....On Left

We have arrived!

Other than the tire blowing out on the tow dolly, we had a pretty good trip.

Looking at the big picture, this actually was a blessing in disguise.

Since we had to get up at the crack of dawn, we really didn't get very much sleep.

Normally, I will help drive on trips, at least a little, so Hubs can get a break. But, with my current health conditions (mainly my blood pressure not staying up high enough, which makes me feel rather dizzy ) it is not possible for me to drive long distances.

Waiting an hour and a half for the guy to come and replace the tire (they don't provide you with a spare on these) allowed Hubs to get a much needed nap.

Pretty sure Fix-A-Flat wouldn't have worked on this tire.

The girls all got along relatively well, which definitely makes the long trip more pleasant. Hubs and I agreed that having electronics on hand certainly helps keep the peace in the car!

We arrived at our rental place, that we had only seen pictures of on the internet. Let me tell you, it is very scary to pay for a place sight unseen! You really have to trust that the person is being honest, and will not rip you off.

It is a nice, clean place, with plenty of room for our family.


Apparently, the people who rented it last, decided to help themselves to quite a few things. For example, they took all the trash cans. There wasn't a single trash can in the whole house! Except for the trash can that you haul to the curb that is.

The guy we rented from had sent us a detailed list of everything that was in the house. Since there were quite a few things missing that had been promised to us, he ordered us a bunch of things that we had to pick up at Wal-Mart.

Missing from the house were the phone, remote, TV console, lamps, most of the dishes and silverware, and trash cans.

Have you ever tried to change the channel on a modern TV without a remote?


Our place we rented last year was actually a place that the owners used, so it was stocked with all the comforts of home. This place is not like that. There wasn't even toilet paper here! A house full of girls, and NO toilet paper after a long trip?! Good times...

We immediately had to make a trip to the store to pick up some things.

While this IS a nice place, it was NOT designed with a family in mind.

You don't realize all of the things that you have at home until you come somewhere that has very little. No measuring cups, no mixing bowls, no baking pans, and no pitcher for drinks. I guess I just assume that EVERYONE has those things. Not so.

Thankfully, I learned my lesson from the first year, and brought a 9x13 pan, cookie sheet, and some pitchers along with me.

All is now right in our little world, and this place is starting to feel more like a home.

Should you come to visit, you can even use the bathroom.

We now have plenty of toilet paper....


  1. That tire, OMG, that is terrible. So glad you are all safe. Sorry about the rental things. It really gets me angry when people steal things from a rental. Hope everything else goes smoothly.

  2. Hi Aimee,
    I was looking at a blog you posted back in August about Homeschooling Families want others to know. I was just wondering if you could please email me, I have some questions. Thank you!

  3. Sorry about your flat tire. I agree, fix-a-flat would'nt have worked!
    Every year we rent a house at the beach. I always bring along toilet paper, tissues, paper towels, baking pans, and a few other kitchen essentials. You never know what you are going to get!