Monday, October 3, 2011

Road Trip

This weekend, we traveled to Ohio to visit my family, and to attend my cousin's baby shower.

We went to see my Grandpa. It was great to be able to spend time with him.

It is still strange to be in my grandparents house, and my Gram is not there. Not sure I'll ever get used to that.

We ate out quite a bit, and as my youngest told me, she was "full of fries".

We hardly ever eat out, so she is not used to having that many fries in one day. And I am NOT referring to "lamb fries". They were just good ole' American french fries.

I was reminded anew why we don't eat out very often. It is expensive! For us to eat out, it was $54, including tip. This was with all of just drinking water. It pays to eat at home. I could make a dinner-to-die-for with that same amount of money. It would even include dessert!

Granted, I am the one cooking it, and no one is serving it to me.

The restaurant we ate at, had TV's all around broadcasting the "big game", which totally made Hubs' day.

As Hubs was cheering for "his" team, I had to remind him that it probably wasn't a good idea to cheer for THAT team in THIS state. Since his team was considered the enemy. Just sayin'.

On Sunday, we attended my cousin's baby shower.

She is having a boy, and they did his room is dinosaurs. This was just one of the decorations on the tables.

This Hershey bar was at each place setting. Too cute!

It was great to see most of my Ohio family at the shower.

We played baby shower games, and won prizes. We were supposed to use play dough to make what we thought the baby would look like when he is born. Mine is the "baby" in green on the left. My youngest daughter made the pink one, and it was the winner at our table.

I told my cousin that, according to how my baby turned out, her baby boy would come out as a toddler.

He kind of looks like a green, anatomically correct, Elmo.

Yes, he is anatomically correct. I took this game literally. Babies are not born with a diaper or clothes on. least mine weren't.

Here is my adorable niece standing in front of the present table.

On the way home, we found this, thanks to Gas Buddy.

Have you heard of Gas Buddy? It is an app that you can get for FREE, and it tells you the best places to buy cheap gas. Hubs does a whole lot of traveling for his job, so this can literally save us hundreds of dollars a year! If you don't have it, you need to get it. Period. Why pay more for gas than you need to?

Hubs put me in charge of the ticket, and one of my fears came true. I LOST THE TICKET. I thought I handed it to him along with the money, but as we approached the ticket booth, it was nowhere to be found.

I wish the tolls only cost this much. It's highway robbery how much they charge now!

Now, when we travel, the car is....ummm....a bit.....cluttered. Yeah, that is a nice way to put it.


So, there are things everywhere, and I am frantically trying to find the ticket. Soon, it is our turn, and still no ticket to be seen.

The lady was super nice and suggested that we step out, and see if perhaps the ticket had fallen between the seats? Or, were we sitting on it? Was it in the door? Perhaps it had fallen under the seat?

We both got out, and looked high and low, to no avail. It was like the car had eaten the ticket I had just possessed a few minutes ago.

In the meantime, cars were piling up behind us. I'm sure that not-so-nice words were being said about us as we searched.

I always wondered what would happen if you couldn't find your ticket when you got to the toll booth. Now I know.

Apparently, when one loses the ticket, one has to pay the highest fee that was ON the ticket. But, and here is the good news, if one should FIND the ticket, then one can get reimbursed through the mail.

In my spare time, I need to clean out the car, and hopefully, find that blasted ticket in the process.

After all, I did find the missing library book a year after I had paid for it. It was "hiding" in the closet. Right where I put it. For safe keeping.

Now, where did I put that ticket....


  1. I'm glad your family had a safe and fun trip. I loved the play dough babies :)

  2. Sounds like a nice trip. Baby showers are so much fun. Love you little green baby!!! That candy bar was a cute idea. Wow, that was a great gas price. Yes the toll roads can be costly.

  3. Thanks! It was fun making the babies out of play dough :)

    I wish we could see some gas prices like that where WE live. We filled up, but that "cheap" gas is almost gone. It doesn't last long when you are a taxi service ;)

  4. Congratulations to your cousin.
    Our 2nd son came out quite the toddler.
    He weighed in at 12lb 2.5oz
    I love the play-doh figures.

    Wow! Gas for under $3, unbelievable.
    What a great deal!

    I hope you find the ticket so you can be reimbursed.