Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I Say Car-mle, You Say Car-a-mel Hodgepodge

It's time for HODGEPODGE!

1. How do you typically react in a sudden, extreme, pressure-filled crisis? Would we want you nearby in an emergency?

I tend to react the exact opposite as I think I should. I don't panic, but it seems like I just can't think of exactly the right thing to do at the time. It takes me a little while to think, like my brain has temporarily slowed down a bit. I do stay calm though, which is completely out of character for me. So, I guess I would be OK to have around in a crisis situation. The few times I have been in that type of situation, I have done all right.

2. Caramel apple-caramel sundae-caramel corn-caramel macchiato...of the four, which caramel treat would you choose?

They are all delicious, but if I had to choose, I would choose a caramel sundae. With nuts please.

And, just so you know, I pronounce it CAR-MLE. Not CAR-A-MEL. I'm probably wrong, but old habits die hard.

3. Is there such a thing as destiny? Explain.

I believe that we all have free will, but God knows ahead of time what we will choose. So, in a way, yes.

4. What's your favorite piece of furniture? I'm referring to something currently in your possession as opposed to something on your wish list.

I love my new couch. It is super soft, yet stylish, and I had to wait a long time to get it, which makes me appreciate it all the more! It also has several recliners, which makes sitting on it very relaxing.

5. Wednesday night marks the start of the 2011 Baseball World Series. Did you know? Do you care? Will you be watching? Ever been to a professional baseball game? If you're not an American do you find the title 'World Series' annoying or amusing?

It will be on, that's a given! "Our" team did not make it (Tigers), but we will watch it anyway. When I say "we", what I really mean is, Hubs. I will glance up occasionally, and try to follow along, but really, I don't care all that much. I usually root for the underdog, and I have no clue out of the two teams who Hubs wants to win. I will have to ask him later.

I went to a Cubs game when Hubs and I were first married. It was the most boring thing I have ever been to, and I have told Hubs that I have NO desire to ever go to a game again. There was a rain delay, and we sat around for hours, waiting for them to play. I can't tell you who they played, or what the final score was. I think I blocked most of that day out of my memory. Ha!

6. A sound that takes me back to my childhood is____________.

The sound of the mixer.

Since there wasn't frosting in a can back when I was a kid, my Mom would make frosting with the mixer, and we would fight over who got to lick the beaters. Since there were 3 kids, and 2 beaters, Mom would let one kid have the knife that she used to ice the cake.

My Mom was, and still is, an awesome cook, and she was always baking things! I mentioned here that kids in school would beg me to have one of my Mom's cookies that I would bring in my lunch. I even had a couple of kids that offered to buy my Mom all the ingredients, if she would only make them some too. I still call her if I have a "cooking question", and she always knows just what to do. Thanks, Mom :)

7. On average, once you've linked your hodgepodge post to mine how many other participant blogs do you visit? Do you ever come back to the Hodgepodge later in the day or even the day after to read posts?

I try to visit as many of them as I can! If I have time, I visit all of them. Sometimes, I come back on another day if I am just too busy. I am a pretty fast reader, so I can usually get through them pretty quickly. I also try to leave a comment on the ones I visit. I know how much I love to receive comments on MY posts, so I try to return the favor.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Hubs and I help out in the middle school youth group at our church. Our last discussion was on doing the unexpected, and this month's topic is on being a servant. So, last week, we took the teens, and unexpectedly raked an elderly lady's leaves out of her yard. She came out to talk with us, and was just so grateful. It really didn't take us that long, and it made a huge impact on this woman. She said her son usually helps her, but he has been sick, and hasn't been able to get around to doing it.

What can you do for someone that is unexpected, and shows them that you care? It can be something like raking leaves for someone who can't, baking cookies for a neighbor, offering to run an errand to help someone out, or even making your family's favorite meal without them knowing.

Sometimes it's the little things that can make a big difference....


  1. That is a different memory for #6 but I know what you mean. Love your random in #8.

  2. That is such a nice thing to do and to teach the kids to do good deeds. Love that! I´m sure you were blessing to those people.

  3. I was wondering about the whole "carmel" vs. "Caramel" thing too...and found that carmel is a name meaning garden or orchard...and is the name of at least 2 locations that I know of (Carmel, CA and Mount Carmel in Israel) Caramel is the name for the sweet sugary stuff :) While, personally to me it doesn't make a difference how it's pronounced,I think most people will know either way if you are talking about the place or the sweet.

  4. I love your #8 !!! Little things can make a HUGE difference and I think it is important to learn early on to help people. Good work !!

  5. That caramel sundae with pecans...well, it just has me drooling!! You random thought was great.

    Thanks for stopping by to visit.

    My post today is: Friday's Fragments

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