Friday, October 14, 2011

5 Question Friday

Today, I'm linking up with Mama M. for 5 Question Friday!

1. Do you prefer your ice cream in a bowl or in a cone?

I always have my ice cream in a bowl. I prefer a cone, but since I can't have any gluten, I can't eat a cone. Maybe someday they will come out with a GF cone that actually tastes like a sugar cone. That would be a great day!

2. What three things do you love the smell of?

I love the smell of Baby Magic lotion.

Seriously, that was one of my favorite things about having a baby was the way they smelled after a bath, slathered in Baby Magic. I always made sure to put a tiny bit of Baby Magic on their little faces before visitors arrived. I wanted them to smell good! I hate "smelling" a baby, and they smell like spoiled milk and spit up.

I love the way the air smells after it rains. It just smells so fresh and clean.
My oldest daughter, the photographer, took this picture.

I love the smell of Hubs' cologne, Aspen.

Why does he wear that kind? Well...because, I make him. Ha! I tend to be a bit....controlling...when it comes to smells. I can only tolerate smelling certain kinds of cologne. Hubs doesn't mind wearing it, so why not? One of the things I remember from when I first met Hubs was how incredibly awesome the man smelled. And, he still does! There's nothing better than a great smelling man ;)

3. Gift cards or no? (In regards to gift giving...)

I think gift cards are a great idea, especially if you don't know what to get the person. The girls will often give iTunes gift cards to their friends for their birthdays.

We have also given gift cards to Dairy Queen, McDonald's, the movies, restaurants, or coffee shops.

I think it is more fun to open an actual gift, but if you give them a gift card (as long as it is to a place you know they will actually go to, or an item they will use) they can get what they want. It's just easier.

4. What sports did you play in high school if any and do you still play them?

* Zip

* Zero

* Zilch

* Nada

Sports are NOT my thing. Something like this could happen, and I am not a huge fan of pain. Also, I am not very coordinated, which helps one to excel in sports.

5. Were you in band in high school? What instrument did you play?

I was not in band in high school, but I was in junior high. I played the flute and I still have it. My breath control is horrible now though, and I doubt I could make it through an entire song without getting light headed!

Hope you all have a great weekend....


  1. Those were fun! I have about 25 people I buy for who live out of town. This year it is going to be all gift cards. The buying, wrapping and shipping is just to much to do!

  2. Wow! That is a lot of people to buy for! You can't beat the shipping price on a gift card :)

  3. Awesome answers, Loved them all. Thank you for coming by my blog and reading mine.

  4. No sports for me, either. And I totally get the baby lotion thing... LOVE that smell!

    My 5Q5 answers are posted HERE if you'd like to take a peek.