Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Strawberry....but not the fruit

On my last post, I listed several examples of how Hubs and I are opposites. One of those, if you remember, was that he loves sports, and me? Not so much.

He loves sports so much, that he is willing to suffer personal injury to win the game. Case in point?

My man has some sexy legs ;)

What? Did you say you couldn't see that well enough? Here. Let me give you a closer look.

This, my friends, is what is called a "Strawberry". One gets one of these by "sliding" into a base.

Just for the record, in order for MY leg to look like this, a herd of wild elephants would have to physically drag me across the field. I would never willingly subject my limbs to this kind of torture. If we lost the game because I wouldn't slide into base? Oh well. C'est la vie. Better luck next time. That could be why I don't play sports.

I was actually surprised when Hubs showed up with one this time. Usually, I wouldn't be. But, this time, I was. Why is that? Because Hubs had said his sliding days were over. Now that he has reached the BIG 40.

He told me that he would just leave the sliding to the younger guys on the team. All righty then. Sounded like a good idea to me.

So, when he showed up with this, I was rather shocked. If you are planning on sliding, you have a special pad that goes over your leg to help prevent this from happening. Why did you not wear it?

Well....because he really wasn't planning on sliding, but he HAD to slide. The game depended on it! He did say that while he was sliding, he realized that it was probably a bad idea. Oops.

In case you were wondering, the sliding didn't help. He still got out. They did however win the game.

So, it is Nurse Amiee (moi) to the rescue. We have a well-stocked pharmacy here.

This was actually not as bad as he has had in the past. There have been times we have had to dig stones out of the wound. *Shudder*

So, even though I have suggested that he wear the leg pad to games, just in case, he says he won't. Why? He doesn't plan on sliding.