Thursday, January 2, 2014

December Review

Where did December go? I can hardly believe that it is already January, not to mention, a brand new year!

In the month of December, we....

Decorated the first Christmas tree at our new home

Created snow people out of socks
Made cards with stamps....even Henry the hamster got in on the action!
Tossed around snowballs...
...while ice skating...
...on the frozen lake
Went to a Snowball dance
Spent quality time together
 Enjoyed the lights and the sweet smell of apples and cinnamon
(this is my "Whoot" owl Scentsy warmer)
Crafted a wreath for the door
Made a family Christmas card
Took pictures in the snow
Attempted to make a snowman
Exchanged gifts and dressed up all fancy
And partied until we dropped
Happy New Year!