Friday, July 5, 2013

Summer Bucket List

School is out, and summer is upon us!

This year, I decided to ask all of my family members to make a summer "bucket list". When I mentioned this to Hubs, he said something along the lines of, "Isn't a bucket list supposed to be things you want to do before you.....DIE?"

Meh. Details.

Regardless,  I told him just to roll with it, and make one already!

I promised that I would not reveal which family members said what, and these are in no particular order of importance. I tried to focus on things we could do as an entire family, but also, for things the girls and I could do during the day while Hubs is at work.

I told them to try to keep their ideas inexpensive, but I did notice that some of them are a just a tad bit over my $10 or under limit. Some will definitely NOT be happening, but I was told that I had to put them on here anyway.

So.....without further they are!

*Buy straws (Gee.... I wish they were all this easy!)

*Go to the zoo

*Visit the animal sanctuary (we will probably wait to do this until the end of summer when my in-laws are here)

*Swim as a family

*Look at pictures of when the girls were babies

*Go to the mall

*Family fishing

*Tent outside in yard/woods or at a park

*Learn origami

*Buy a hula hoop

*Work on projects for the fair (to see previous projects, you can go here)

*Make crafts from Pinterest

*Go to pawn shop

*Make paper mache

*Get a giant bottle of bubbles

*Have a nature scavenger hunt

*Visit particular friends who live far away

*Get a kitten (this will not be happening, but a girl can dream!)

*Have a spa day

*Make DIY beauty products

*Nail painting party

*Go to the beach

*Make different kinds of popsicles (especially these)

*Buy a canoe or paddle boat

*Family canoe/paddle boat excursion

*Family bike ride

*Try new hairstyles

*Buy things for the lake (inner tubes, etc.)

*Go to the library

*Take family picture on the beach, then print and hang it

*Go to family camp

*Go to a local park, take pictures, and feed the ducks

*Go to a water park

*Camping with friends

Since I have three girls, some of these ideas wouldn't work well with boys, but perhaps there are things listed here that you could do with your own family. I was surprised by how simple some of their requests were! Most of these do not cost a lot of money......just time.

This summer, why not ask your own family members what would be on their summer bucket list?

Their answers just may surprise you....


  1. When I was reading the list I was thinking sounds like a girl list :) Having all girls our list would look similar!
    Looks like fun :)

  2. What a good list - I loved doing things like this when my kids were on school holidays, inexpensive but fun.