Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pick Up And Go Hodgepodge

I'm doing Hodgepodge a day early...

1. Of all the tools and gadgets you own which do you most enjoy using?

I guess I would have to say my Ninja.

As usual, once I bought one, they made a "new and improved" one though. It always seems like they wait until I buy one (whatever it is) and THEN they go and improve it. Ha! Anyway, I really love the small Ninja that came with the big one. I use it like a mini food processor. It is perfect for chopping nuts, or making a small batch of salsa.

2. When (if ever) is impatience a virtue?

When your health is concerned. I'm a firm believer in not waiting until things are bad before you get help. More on that at a later time....

3. What temperature do you keep your thermostat set to in winter? Do you have another way to heat your house besides a furnace of some type?

We have a very large family room, so we have a gas insert fireplace in there. It heats up the room so much, that we can't keep it on all the time, or we would all die from heat stroke! It doesn't do a whole lot for the rest of the house, though it does help out a little.

We keep the heat at about 68 during the day, and 66 at night. Our home is well insulated, and retains heat fairly well. We have a large bay window in the front of our house, and when the sun is shining, it really helps heat up the living room.

4. Do/did you have a close relationship with any of your grandparents?

I have/had a close relationship with my one set of Grandparents. My Gram passed away, and I miss her every day. My Grandpa is still alive, and I talk to him on a regular basis.

My other set, I have a pretty close relationship with my Grandpa, but my Grandma (who has passed away) I wasn't real close to.

5. When did you last have a family portrait taken?

We try to take one at Christmas time for our Christmas card. This past year, we just had the girls (and Benji) in it.

6. What does the word patriotism mean to you?

To me, it means that you are proud of your country, and you do your best to honor and respect it.

7. Do you like to play cards and if so, what's your favorite card game?

Not really. Every once in a while, I will pay solitaire. As a kid, I would play cards quite a bit, but not so much as an adult.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Lately, I feel like I have so much to say, but not much time to say it! I still haven't posted pics from our church's Trunk or Treat we had on Halloween night.

Hubs' family is coming to visit us from Maine, so we are off to Chicago to see the sights, go to museums, and do some shopping.

I'm sure I will have lots of pics to share when I come back.

I love homeschooling. We can just pick up....and go! No catch up work when we get back and I don't have to ask permission or let anyone know my girls will be absent. It doesn't matter that it is in the middle of the week. It's a convenient time for us to go, so we go. The girls can miss this whole week of school, and spend time with their family.

Until next time....


  1. You have beautiful girls!
    I agree with your answer to Nr. 2. Health should not be taken lightly.

  2. Enjoyed reading your answers. Your girls are so pretty. Have fun in Chicago, so many awesome sights to see.

  3. Gorgeous picture! And yes, the freedom to just get-up-and-go would definitely be a benefit (among many, I'm sure!) of homeschooling... Have a wonderful trip!

  4. haha! dont like when that happens -- get something and they make a better one after getting it! your girls are so super adorable! :) and benji too! :) Have fun in Chicago! :) looking forward to the pictures =)

  5. Your girls are adorable! Have fun in Chicago...we're supposed to be there for a wedding. In December. The week before Christmas. Who gets married in Chicago in December the week before Christmas???

  6. Great answer to the impatience question!

    Enjoy your sight-seeing trip :)

  7. Home schooling really appeals to me for the ability to just pick up and go and not have to phone anyone and get permission, etc. Have fun in Chicago !!

  8. What a beautiful picture!

    And, they always improve something right after I buy one, too.

  9. Ok, so I have been debating on a Ninja and I think you may have just convinced me.
    Your girls are gorgeous.
    Have a GREAT time in Chicago!

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